Pink the Towns

Paint the Town Pink was founded on September 21st, 2020 by a Stage 3 Breast Cancer patient and Dorchester resident Bec Matthews. Bec was sitting in her backyard during a global pandemic, brainstorming how to raise awareness and funds to support Breast Cancer Research as she believed there may be a shortage of funds due to the pandemic. It was at that moment that the ideas for Pink the Town really came to become more than just an idea. The idea of showing support through lawn signs for the entire month of October began.

In a matter of two-weeks, Bec sold 1200 signs and time was running out for production and distribution; it was then that Bec realized that there was a desire to show support for the 1 in 8 women each year who will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Paint the Town Pink spread to many communities throughout Southwestern Ontario and even farther including Ottawa and Georgian Bay. Over the two-week time period, $ 13,380.00 was raised for breast cancer research and awareness. Many businesses and residents of towns decorated their homes and front lawns with their signs, pink pumpkins, pink ribbons, pink porch lights and much more to show their support and raise awareness for breast cancer “the silent killer”.

This has now led to Pink the Towns. The campaign has proven to be widely supported by not only Dorchester, but towns across Ontario. In 2021, Paint the Town Pink became Pink the Towns, with a provincial campaign supporting breast cancer research and awareness.

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