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Dorchester Dream Park Fundraiser

We’ve teamed up with the BigYellowBag® Give & Grow Program so that you can donate to Dorchester Dream Park AND get quality garden products at the same time!

$10 from every bag of soil or mulch that is purchased using our unique code DDPARK22 will come right back to us. It’s easier than ever to support Dorchester Dream Park.

As an added bonus, YOU save $5 on your BigYellowBag purchase! Plus if you order by April 15th, you will save another $20!!! So, if you’re in need of soil or mulch to get your lawn and garden going this year, keep us in your thoughts.

Please visit: and enter our code DDPARK22

*Update March 25th: On the ordering website, a few postal codes in our area are getting a message that they are outside the delivery zone. We reached out to BigYellowBag®. There is a glitch with their system’s map. We have been told that their London location will be able to take those orders over the phone. The phone number is 519-268-7518. Please provide our code DDPARK22.

Dorchester Inclusive Park Committee

Dorchester, ON

Dorchester Dream Park Fundraiser

2nd Rain Barrel FUNDRAISER!

*NEW this year is a larger FREE delivery zone:

  • Dorchester
  • London
  • Belmont
  • Mossley
  • Putnam
  • Ingersoll
  • Thorndale
  • Thamesford

Delivery to commence the week of May 31st.

Please Note: Areas further from Dorchester and London may not be available for delivery at the same time. Customers are invited to wait for their delivery when the supplier has a critical mass of orders in their area or can request a full refund if it is not convenient to do so. Alternatively, one of the volunteers can arrange delivery to their home for pickup.

Additional information is available on our fundraising page, but here is a quick reference to get everyone started.

Why invest in a rain barrel(s)?

Rain barrels help homeowners and businesses:

  • Save money on water bills
  • Collect free rainwater
  • Conserve drinking water
  • Grow bigger and healthier plants and vegetables with chlorine-free and fluoride-free rainwater
  • Mitigate potential for flooding while addressing climate change

What are the rain barrels made from?

The repurposed food-grade plastic rain barrels were originally used to ship fruit and vegetables.

Why is there a limited selection of colours this year?

The impact of Covid-19 on the supply chain has reduced the availability of barrels this year. There is a significant inventory of Terra Cotta ($70) and Ugly Ducklings ($55) available. Other colours will be posted when and if a new shipment is received. The Ugly Ducklings ($55) are great for those who do not care about aesthetics or plan to decorate their rain barrel(s).

$10 from every rain barrel sold will go directly to equipment purchases for the new inclusive, accessible, all-ages park currently known as Dorchester Dream Park.

Shop now at

Dorchester Inclusive Park Committee

Dorchester, ON

Fundraiser Submission