About I Love Dorchester

I Love Dorchester (ILD) is a community group that was formed in 2021 in an effort to unite and bridge the gaps between residents, the municipality, local businesses, clubs, and service groups within Dorchester and the surrounding area including Avon, Harrietsville, Mossley, Gladstone, Crampton, Putnam, Banner, Derwent, Waubuno, and Nilestown. It is an extension of the I Love Community not-for-profit organization.

ILD acknowledges the deep history of dedicated volunteer work that has established Dorchester as a close-knit, vibrant community and we want to be a part of carrying that forward. ILD strives to create awareness of all of the existing clubs, groups, local businesses, and other amenities and resources, while also identifying gaps in services. ILD communicates the holistic value of supporting local and in turn, helping our clubs and groups recruit new members to allow them to continue to thrive and contribute in many ways for the betterment of our beautiful community.

The ILD Business Directory is being formed to promote & support the Dorchester and area businesses that service area residents. The membership fees our businesses pay to be a part of the ILD Business Directory are used to support community events and initiatives. The connection between locals and local services is integral to economic development in order to help our community thrive and grow.

Our goal is to create a platform to better support community ideas and initiatives by creating spaces for our residents to have a voice, notably those who are most underserved. Through our website and social media platforms, we aim to be a hub of communication and collaboration. We believe everyone should be involved in economic development within their community and through our platform we will be able to use our network of stakeholders to develop and plan events, help in the creation of sub-committees as needed (i.e. youth leadership), and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an organized forum for collaborative communication between residents, businesses, and non-profit groups to discuss ideas and take action for positive development and growth within the village of Dorchester and the surrounding area. We also strive to provide a centralized directory for local businesses and community groups in the Dorchester area to make it easy for residents to support local and get connected.

Our Volunteer Team

Our team works closely together to ensure I Love Dorchester operates at its highest capacity and is meeting the needs of our community. Within this collaborative environment, we have taken on roles that speak to our strengths and passions. We're always open to expanding our team and bringing on people with a passion for community and strengths in various areas to support the growth of I Love Dorchester. If you are interested in being a part of the I Love Dorchester team, submit your application below and we'll review it.

Laura Campeau

Service Groups & Community Liaison

Dorchester, ON

We are Currently Seeking

  • Social media manager

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