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Dorchester is a beautiful and robust village with a lasting sense of “small town charm”. Our village has many desirable amenities, service groups and individual volunteers that help to foster the sense of community, we have all grown to love. A sincere thank you to our community members and partners for contributing to make Dorchester such a fantastic place to live.

Benefits of Being a Community Business Partner

I love Dorchester is committed to supporting partnerships between local businesses, services groups, clubs and the community. By becoming a community business partner, you collectively support economic development within the Dorchester area. In return, your business is listed on our business directory, promoted, and showcased in other ways throughout the community.

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Community Champion

I love Dorchester is dedicated to recognizing the volunteers within our community who selflessly donate their time to support the needs of others. This is why we are so excited to launch our ‘Community Champion’ recognition initiative. We know there are many individuals within our community working tirelessly to make Thames Centre such an incredible place to live. We feel it’s important to give them the thanks and recognition they deserve.

The 2021 Community Champions are Jean Davis and her late husband Bob

Jean and Bob have been running our local food bank for over 15 years, servicing members of Thames Centre and beyond. They started this incredible cause in the basement of their Dorchester home as they believe no one should ever go hungry. The Food Bank relies on donations from local businesses, service clubs and the public to operate.

“Jean and Bob (while he was alive) are selfless and only care about others and their wellbeing.” Explained their daughter Jan. Jean has been involved with the playground program since moving to Dorchester in 1960. Even in her 80s, you’ll see Jean outside the Flight Exec centre ensuring your children are happy and safe while sending them off to summer camp. Jean has also been involved with guiding for over 70 years. Starting as a Brownie at age 7. She has held the title of Brown Owl since 1960. Jean was responsible for the development of the crosswalk at River Heights ensuring our children have a safe way to get to school.

We should all take a moment to thank Jean for her many years of community service. She is, and always will be a legend within our community. Jean is, without a question a community champion. If you’re interested in thanking Jean for her service, a donation to our local food bank would be much appreciated. Items such as non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products, infant products, gas cards, garbage bag tags, cleaning supplies, and grocery gift cards are much appreciated.

Image of Jean Davis and her husband Bob Davis

No effort or idea is too small if it has the potential of helping someone else.

Jean Davis

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Community Reminders

Being a rural community, our firefighter's personal vehicles are equipped with GREEN flashing lights. These lights are activated by our members while responding to an emergency call for service. If you see a vehicle with a flashing green light in the front window, kindly pull over and give our first responders the right of way.

Ensuring our firefighters can respond in a safe and efficient manner is everyone's responsibility and is a way to help your fellow neighbours in a time of need.

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